Healing Plants II


Healing Plants, Vol. II
Insights through Spiritual Science
Wilhelm Pelikan
Mercury Press, 2012
ISBN 978-1-935136-04-0 
268 pages; paperback; $32.00

Pelikan intuits the medicinal properties of the plants described in this book through an intimate knowledge of the plants and a keen perception of their essential qualities as expressed in their form, their chemical composition, and their relationship to their environment. He then shows how these qualities correspond to processes of illness and healing in the human organism.


Editor’s Preface
The Author’s Preface to Vol. II of Healing Plants
Preface to the First Edition

Concerning the Illustrations in this Volume

Medicinal Herbs from the Lower Plant Kingdom
Algae – Phycophyta
Fungi – Mycetophyta
Ferns – Filicinae
Horsetails – Equisitinae

Medicinal Plants from the Upper Plant Kingdom
Evergreen Trees and Shrubs – Coniferae
The Pine Family – Pinaceae
Cypress-like Shrubs and Trees – Cypressaceae
St. John’s Worts – Guttiferae
Rock foil plants – Saxifragaceae: Silica Processes, Limestone and Light Processes
Thick leaved plants – Crassulaceae
The Gourds – Gramineae
Arums – Araceae: Flowering Processes in the Root Region
Catkin Bearers – Amentiflorae
Willows – Salicaceae: Salicin and Tannin Process
Rues—Rutaceae: The Masters of Tropical Warmth Processes
Pinks – Caryophyllaceae – Chickweeds, Stitchworts, Campions
Grape Family – Vitaceae
Honeysuckles – Caprifoliaceae
Sea Buckthorn – Hippophae rhamnoides: Images of a Plant’s Essential Nature and            Therapeutic Imaginations
The Totality of Food Plants
The Extra Corporeal “Organs” of Plants
The Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and Hydrogen Organs in the Atmosphere
Myrtles – Myrtaceae: Fruit and Spice Plants
Crane bills – Geraniaceae
Wood Sorrels – Oxalidaceae: The Oxalic Acid Process in Plant and Man
Mallows – Malvaceae: The Formation of Mucilage and Fibers
Snapdragons – Scrophulariaceae
Bindweeds – Convulvulaceae
The Olive Family – Oleaceae: The Process that Forms Oils in the Plant Kingdom
The Dogbane Family – Apocynaceae
The Heather Family – Ericaceae: Northern Fruits
Primroses – Primulaceae: Plants with Etheric Vernal Rhythms

Medicinal Plants for the Liver
Medicinal Plants for the Kidneys
Medicinal Plants for the Lungs
Medicinal Plants for the Heart

Index of Illustrations
Subject Index

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