Albert Steffen

  Albert SteffenA relatively obscure figure for us today, the Swiss artist Albert Steffen was a remarkably insightful individual of many talents – poet, painter, dramatist, and novelist. His rich legacy of creative works increasingly helps us to cultivate an inner life anchored in the spirit. Adonis Press offers the most complete collection of Steffen’s work in English outside of Switzerland, because we believe his works can help inspire a healing impulse for our modern culture.

In 1925, Albert Steffen was appointed by Rudolf Steiner to succeed him as President of the Anthroposophical Society. So through its most difficult trials, Steffen led the Society until his death in 1963. Meanwhile, Europe suffered the dark blows of the 20th century –World War II and its Cold War aftermath. In the midst of these terrible destructive and divisive forces, Albert Steffen carried on an amazingly creative life as an artist.

Through the genius of his work, Steffen reveals a deeper, spiritual dimension of life where wellsprings of healing and new sources of inspiration can be found. With an incredible economy of words, he depicts human catharsis and awakening, the transformation of evil, and an awareness of the divine in Nature.

It should be noted that Steffen’s works are not so accessible if read only with the intellect. He depicts the world that spans both earthly sense existence, and spiritual supersensory existence. His revelations take on meaning only when our own minds expand to encompass both worlds as well. This requires more than the rational intellect; it requires also an artistic sense for quality.

We hope you can discover the gifts of balance and inspiration that Steffen guides us toward.

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