Phenomena-centered Science

The goal of the phenomena-centered scientist is to become the spokesperson for the phenomena: to experience them fully in all of their different aspects and to uncover the creative principles that manifest through them.

The narrow focus of reductionist science leads to fragmentation and calls for a complementary approach that embraces the phenomena in their wholeness as they present themselves within their natural context. Rather than reduce the phenomena to the cellular or molecular level, it immerses itself in the dynamics of their development, behaviors, and distinctive qualities until they begin to reveal their own inherent lawfulness. Following this methodology, we gradually come to recognize the integrity of living organisms: to see them as expressions of dynamic organizational principles that manifest in every part and in every aspect of their being. We also begin to understand the dynamic lawfulness of qualities such as color, sound, or chemical phenomena. Phenomena-centered science thus leads of itself to deeper appreciation of and insight into nature and to practices that enhance the life and health of the world around us.

You will find a wealth of information on phenomena-centered science at The Nature Institute.

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