Welcome to our new website!

Dear Customers and Friends of Adonis Press,

In order to simplify our publishing work, we have turned over the storage and shipping of our books to SteinerBooks (Anthroposophic Press). From now on our books will be shipped out from Books International in Dulles, Virginia, the large fulfillment center which SteinerBooks has been using for some time. This streamlining of our operations will allow us to focus on our editorial work.

To implement this change, we have replaced our old Adonis Press website with this new one that is linked to the SteinerBooks website and conveys orders directly to Books International. This Spring we will add ebooks as well as information on “Recommended Books,” published by other publishers, that follow the Goethean phenomenological method in the natural and social sciences. Even though we are no longer able to offer these books for sale, we wish to continue to promote and publicize them.

Our main project at this time is the publication of the new English edition of Wolfgang Schad’s 2-volume, 1300-page work Man and Mammals. Since it was first published in 1977, Schad has elaborated his insights into the threefold organism as it comes to balanced expression in the human being and in manifold one-sided ways in the mammals, and he has added chapters on the antelopes, monotremes, insectivores and primates, elephants and bats as well as human and mammalian embryology. It is not too much to say that this groundbreaking, beautifully illustrated work makes the extraordinary variety of mammalian forms intelligible. We hope that it will be available by this time next year.

As most of you know, our goal is to publicize and promote the phenomenological, qualitative scientific method first developed by Goethe and later carried forward by Rudolf Steiner. Unlike contemporary conventional science, this approach immerses itself in the phenomena themselves and – through inner participation in their processes and qualities – comes to see them as expressions of specific creative principles that are dynamic and spiritual in nature. Because this method is based on direct observation and experience, it is accessible to all those who wish to employ their own capacities to deepen and enliven their relationship with the natural world. We hope that you will recognize the importance of fostering this scientific approach and will familiarize yourself with books that can serve as an introduction and guide to your own research.

For bookstore and other bulk or special orders, please call SteinerBooks at 703-661-1594 or send an email to Steinermail@presswarehouse.com.