A Wound Awoke Me

$14.00 Adonis Press ISBN 978-0-932776-21-1 Paperback 119 pages Published:  January 1994

In these poems, language comes to life, lifts you up and takes you into the deeper, more dynamic dimensions of human experience. Here we find healing, harmony, and a mood of fresh, life-engendering wonder.

All of Us

May calm warmth work in us,
deep light shine through us,
the water’s power sound in us
and the ground’s strength live in us.

We are all journeying,
we are all singing,
we are all weeping.
We know each other
as deeply
as we can see.
If I do not know you,
I am blind or you are bound.
Let my warmth thaw your bonds.
Create my eyes with your light.

Silently and together
We are all journeying:
like the rivers underground,
like trains through the tunnels,
like stars through the evening.
Let us look at each other
and know it.

Christy Barnes, A Wound Awoke Me